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Questions That Need Answers!

Is permanent makeup painful?

Yes. There can be some level of discomfort. A numbing agent is used. If you have any allergy to local anesthetics, please contact me. I will advise of the ingredients so that you can seek the advice of you healthcare provider.

How long does it last?

Generally a touchup is recommended 12-18 months after original procedure. Retention will vary depending on lifestyle, skin type, medication, age and care, to name a few.

Are the products used hypoallergenic?

Even if products used claim to be hypoallergenic or vegan/cruelty free, if you have sensitive skin, you should seek the advice of your healthcare professional. If you still desire the service a patch test is recommended prior to your service.

Will the procedure cover my graying brows?

No. Pigment is deposited into the skin and does not affect the hair strand. You will not have to completely fill in your brow. A brow color agent can be used with a mascara wand to specifically target your hair.

Am I eligible for services?

You must be 18 years or older. 
You must not be pregnant or nursing.
If you have ANY chronic conditions that require medication and is being managed by a physician, please contact your healthcare provider.

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